Nathan Chitenga

Nathan Chitenga is a Zimbabwean born musician, the other half of the "Shame and Nathan" duo who parted ways with Shame Mabvudzi in 2003, was back on the scene in 2004 with an album titled Ndadzoka. Nathan is famed for hits like Aripo, Ndofara, Mafaro Chete, Ndinyerere and Baba Nditorei and his 2004 eight-track album shows why he was a cut above most Urban Groovers who rush to release mediocre albums.[1]


He grew up in Kambuzuma and attended Allan Wilson High School in Harare.


Nathan started his musical career as Shame and Nathan. They worked with the late veteran producer Fortune Mparutsa to record their first song called I do in 1996, which was then released in 2001. In 2003 they team up with the pioneer of Urban Grooves, [Delani Makhalima]] and they recorded Aripo Wangu and Ndinofara which were huge hits in Zimbabwe.[2]

In 2016 he released another single titled Ndingadai with the title track and Ndiripo. The single was produced by Oskid.


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