National Heroes' Acre
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National Heroes Acre or Heroes Acre is a burial ground and national monument in Harare. The 57-acre (230,000 m2) site is situated on a ridge seven kilometres from Harare, towards Norton.

Its stated purpose is to commemorate Patriotic Front guerrillas killed during the War of Liberation, and contemporary Zimbabweans whose dedication or commitment to their country justify their burial at the shrine. Persons buried there are considered heroes by the incumbent Zanu-PFregime, which has administered the country since independence in 1980.


Work was initiated on the National Heroes' Acre in September 1981, a year after Zimbabwean independence. Ten Zimbabwean and seven North Korean architects and artists were recruited to map the site's layout. 250 local workers were involved in the project at the height of its construction. Black granite used for the main structures was quarried from Mutoko, about 140 kilometres northeast of the capital, then known as Salisbury.


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier recognises unidentified insurgents who lost their lives during the liberation war. Included is a bronze statue of three guerrillas – one female, two male – a flagpole, and an ornate artifice.

The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame rests atop a tower measuring some forty metres. It was lit at independence celebrations in 1982 and embodies the spirit of Zimbabwean independence. The tower is the highest point at Heroes' Acre; it can readily be viewed from Harare.

Wall Murals

Two walls on either side of the monument carry murals depicting the history of Zimbabwe, from pre-colonial times through the Second Chimurenga. Zimbabwe Historic Graveyards And Cemeteries