National People's Party
LeaderDr. Joice Mujuru
FounderJoice Mujuru
National affiliationZimbabwe

The National People's Party is Zimbabwean political party that was formed in March 2017. The party is led by Joice Mujuru. The party was formed after Joice Mujuru and other members of the Zimbabwe People First party turned on each other. [1]


on the 3rd of March 2017, former Vice President Joice Mujuru held a press conference to announce that she has changed the name of her political party to National People’s Party, after falling out with senior members of the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party. [2] Mujuru had previously fired 7 senior party members for plotting against her. However, the seven, who term themselves the elders retaliated by firing her. They claimed that they were the ones who had founded the party and could not be fired or expelled. [3]

2018 Manifesto

NPP 2018 Elections Manifesto

Name Controversy

A few days after forming the National People's Party Joice Mujuru was a given a two-week ultimatum to stop using the name or face a lawsuit by Amos Chiseri. Who claimed that he was the founder and president of National People’s Party, which he had formed in 1995. [4]However, Chiseri did not follow up on his threat.


Joice Mujuru is the interim leader of the National People's Party ahead of the the party's inaugural convention which was scheduled for April 2017. Candidates for the election were as follows:[5]

Joice Mujuru

First Vice President
John Mvundura (74)
Elliot Kasu (55)

Second Vice-President
Samuel Sipepa Moyo (77)
Cuthbert Ncube (42)
Linda Dube (55)
Bongani Nyathi

National Chairperson
Dzikamai Mavhaire
Bancinyane Wilson
Maduma Bekezela

Nelson Mashizha
Hamadziripi Dube
Gift Nyandoro
David Butau
Petronella Musarurwa

Wilbert Mubaiwa
Nkuta Bukhosi
Ndou Moffat

2018 attack by suspected ZANU-PF supporters

Mujuru and several of her supporters were stoned by suspected Zanu PF supporters at Chitubu Shopping Centre in Glen Norah, Harare. She was attacked while campaigning in the two suburbs. In one incident, her convoy was intercepted by commuter omnibuses carrying Zanu PF supporters, who pelted them with stones.

Mujuru sustained facial injuries which left her cheek swollen after she was hit by an unknown object.


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