Ndiripo Gorge Simbi
BornBorn 25 June 1925
DiedDied 13 April 1978
Known forProminent Businessman and Politician.
Spouse(s)Fadzai Kunyiminya
ChildrenJulius Simbi, Rugare Masaire, Farirai Simbi, Tracey Simbi, Sheilla Shonhiwa, Nevergoback Simbi, Munyaradzi Simbi, Tarusarira Simbi and Takunda Simbi.

Ndiripo Simbi was a prominent businessman and Politician in colonial Zimbabwe then Southern Rhodesia.


Mr Ndiripo Simbi was the second born in a family of 3 boys and 2 girls His Siblings being Pedzisai, Masungo, Rugare and Farirai. Born to Dhumbu Simbi and Maitira Chingombe Makamure. He was born in Mazvazva Village under Chief Chingombe in Gutu. He married his Wife Fadzayi Kunyiminya who was a teacher in the late 50s and they had their first offspring in 1960.


He started his career as a bus driver driving long distance buses to as far as Kenya. He later on opened grocery stores together with his wife and then restaurants and then a service station in the 70s. He is one of the few black people to own farms in the early 70s and by the time of his death he had over 400 cattle at his 380-hectare ranch in Lancashire Chivhu. He is well known in Gutu at Bhasera Township for inviting Zex Manatsa for the official opening of his restaurant in 1972 a building that is still intact up to this day.

Political Career

He was at one time imprisoned and shared the same prison cell with the late CDE Simon Muzenda and former President Robert Mugabe. He was however released earlier than the others.