Ndolwane Super Sounds

Ndolwane Super Sounds is a Zimbabwean musical group originally from Ndolwane in Bulilima, Matabeleland South and established itself as a force to recon with in Bulawayo and Johannesburg, South Africa. The band carved its niche through such sizzling albums as Kulindawo, Izambane Likapondo, Africa, Iqiniso and Sunduza among others.[1] Their music genre is popularly known by its legion of fans as Tshibilika.


Ndolwane Super Sounds’ journey started as early as 1993, however it first traded as The Big Four which recorded one album entittled Noyana. By then the group comprised of Charles Ndebele (Zwane), Abson Bhule Ndebele, Oliver Honest Kamanga and Develop Moyo who did not feature occasionally. Between 1994-95 the group started expanding to include new talented faces like: Collen Moyo, Hlanganani Moyo, Smetch Khuphe, Martin Sibanda and Precious Nyathi and that is when they started using the name Ndolwane Super Sounds since the group members originated from Ndolwane area in Plumtree. Then between 1997-1998 Obert Mvundla, Anderson Nkomo and Gallie Ncube joined the team shortly before Honest Kamanga left in 1996 to form the now well known Shinning Fellows band. In 1997 the hit album Africa was then recorded. The group continued to grow despite losing Collen Moyo who also branched out to form African Brothers. Moreover the tragic loss of Abson Ndebele in January 2007,due to a road accident, meant that the frontline of Ndolwane was now left with Charles Ndebele and Martin Sibanda.

Music Journey

Before the group's first recording in 1997, they toured Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa with band members as follows: Abson Ndebele (Bass), Honest Kamanga (Lead guitar), Charles Ndebele & Martin Sibanda (Lead vocals), Collen Moyo & Develop Moyo (Rhythms) Hlanganani Moyo (Drums). After a failed recording attempt in Harare at Hi Density studios in 1996, all band members gave up and went back to South Africa with the exception of Madala Boy who stayed back and formed his band called Shining fellows in 1996, and Ndolwane Super Sounds was nomore.

Later in 1996 Abson and Martin resuscitated the band, recalled Charles and Collen and recorded their first album entitled Africa in 1997 under the trade name Ndolwane Super Sounds. The four worked together until 1999 with the album Sunduza. In 1999 Collen left the group to form his band. The three remained together until the passing on of Abson Ndebele in July 2007 after the release of INqokonqoko. Martin and Charles worked together releasing three (3) albums namely Amaginqigonqo 2007, Ukungafiki 2008 and Zethembe 2009. The group split in 2010 with mutual agreement to use solo names but under the same flagship of Ndolwane Super Sounds. They still have the same equal ownership and rights of the original Ndolwane Super Sounds works they produced together as well as its songs and royalties. In 2012 Martin released his solo album Bakhuzeni that did well in the market. And it was followed by Konke Sizok’lungisa in 2017 that also took the world by storm.

Group Members

Other main players played for Ndolwane Super Sounds between 1997 and 2003 were as followed:

  • Vumindaba (Lead guitar)
  • Anderson Nkomo( Lead guitar)
  • Gally Ncube( Drumist)
  • Obert Vundla (Basist)


  • Khulumani Ndebele
  • Clement Magwaza
  • Robson Gobiqolo Mbedzi

From 2004-2006 Album Umphahambe to Inqokonqoko

  • Gally Ncube (Drums)
  • Last Fatiya (Lead Guitar)
  • Victor Chembe (Sub Rhythm)
  • Obert Mvundla (Bass guitar)


  • Tumelo Kholwani Dube(Lead/Rythms)
  • Misheck Sithole (Lead)
  • Denis Nkomazana(Bass Guitar)
  • Gally Ncube(Drums)
  • Mike Ncube (Drums)
  • Philani Mpala (Rythms)
  • Lovemore Jaravaza(Sub Rythms)
  • Taurai Moyo(Lead)
  • ThomasMaturure (Lead)
  • Ishmael Sibanda (Bass Guitar)


  • Owen Sibanda
  • Nomore Sibanda
  • Mike Ncube


  1. Africa (1997)
  2. Iqiniso (1998)
  3. Nimncitsheleni (1998)
  4. Sunduza (1999)
  5. Kulindawo (2000)
  6. Donsa (2001)
  7. Phenduka (2002)
  8. Uhluphile (2003)
  9. Umphahambe (2004)
  10. Izambane Likaphondo(2005)
  11. Inqokonqoko (The Great One) (2006)
  12. Amaginqigonqo (2007)
  13. Ukungafiki (2008)
  14. Zethembe (2009)


  • 2003 ZIMA award for best well composed and arranged song of the year
  • 2004 ZIMA award for the best song in the Marabi category


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