Neo Makwa or simply Makwa is a South African record producer and musician. Makwa is responsible for producing hits for AKA, Bucie Nkomo, DJ Fistas, Touchline, JR, and Kwesta just to name a few.


Makwa was born and raised in Katlehong, East of Johannesburg, South Africa.[1]


Makwa has two children.

Net Worth

Whilst his actual or estimated net worth is unknown, in May 2021, Nota Baloyi said Makwa had made millions during his time as a producer at RapLyf but had misused the money. Nota said:

"As for Makwa, he got paid very well and he misused his money buying cars for fun. He made millions and should’ve been able to buy a small house or extend his grandmother’s house."



After Grade 12, he studied Software Development at CTU Training Solution but dropped out on his first year to follow his passion.[1]


Makwa started producing music when he was still in high school. Kwesta and Makwa met in 2013 after Kwesta heard Makwa’s song Intwe Right featuring TLT. Makwa has also remixed Kwesta’s hit single, Boom Shaka Laka. Kwesta hunted Makwa down and found him living in Katlehong with his grandmother. Makwa then produced Kwesta's Noma Yini and started working on his album title Dakar 2. [1][3]


In 2017 Makwa was nominated for Best Producer at the South African Hip- Hop Awards (SAHHA), but Gemini Major walked away as the winner. He was not pleased that Gemini Major won the award. In a 2018 interview, Makwa voiced his disappointment saying:

"Those awards for me were a joke because yes Gemini Major made some great hits, buts everyone knows that award was meant to be taken by me. Never mind all the other songs that I produced, but Spirit by Kwesta on its own became an anthem."

In 2018 Makwa was nominated again for Best Producer at the SAHHA’s.


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