Newman Chipeni is a Zimbabwean musician popularly known for his hit song Chati Huwi. Chipeni was part of the group Runn Family where he played the guitar and keyboard.


He is originally from Mutare and grew up on a farm. He was interested in music from an early age as he joined other musicians who came to the farm to play jazz and popular tunes and would have the occasional chance with such instruments as penny whistles, saxophones, guitars and drums during their tea breaks.[1]


Apart from being a member of the group Runn Family, Chipeni joined Sam Banana’s Persuaders Band as a bassist, then Brian Paul and Isaac Chirwa’s Touch Band as a keyboard player before joining Harare Mambos as a guitarist.

Chipeni also performed with [[Fortune Mparutsa at the Wine Barrel for five years. He also performed at Manhattan Jazz where he would play jazz, country and western, blues, folk and famous pop songs. It was at Manhattan Jazz that he would play with legends such as Simangaliso Thutani, Jonnie Papas, Chris Chabuka, John Nyati, Eppias Paradza and others.

He also did some recordings with Prince Tendai’s Midnite Magic and played other gigs with Michael Lannas, Lesley Tailor and Shafer Khan.[2]

Runn Family

Before embarking on a solo career, Chipeni was a guitar and keyboard player for the Runn Family. Chipeni was withe group from 1978 to 1986[3]


He also taught at the Zimbabwe College of Music and also taught music at Prince Edward School and the Harare International School.[4]

Music Production

In an interview he revealed that he has produced music for Dino Mudondo, Decibel, Nonsi, Precious Chawatama, Innocent Utsiwegota and Alexio Kawara among many others.[5]


Chipeni made his name with songs as Gundamusaira, Monica, Mangoromera and Chati Huwi in the late 80s. He released his fourth album 10-track album Love is the Way which had some remixes of his hits such as Tumai Rudo, Kudendere and Monica. Other tracks on the new CD album are the title track Love is the Way, Come and Join Us, African Rock, Are You Ready And Steady?, Driving, Fire Escape and I’m All Over You Now.[6]


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