News:5 Things You Didn't Know About Ammara Brown

<vote /> Andy Brown's daughter and songstress Ammara is celebrating her birthday today. Here are 5 things you did not know about her:

1. Her second name is Nury

2. Her first taste of fame came in the form of an Olivine cooking oil TV commercial in 1997 where more popular Oliver Mtukudzi would sing the jiggle. (She's the girl in the trash can, who laughs at the end of the commercial). View the video below:

Olivine Tuku Advert

3. Ammara joined her father's musical band, The Storm at age 15.

4. In 2010, she performed at the FIFA soccer world cup in South Africa alongside Flabba from Skwatta Kamp.

5. According to her manager Tsungi Zvobgo she is looking forward to releasing an album this October called Ammartia

You can read her full profile here

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