News:Abra Skimbo Says Police Are Looking For Squanda's Accomplices. Manager Confirms Squanda Is In Botswana

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Abra Skimbo yesterday said the police has started hunting for three men that assisted Lady Squanda to assault him last week. Speaking to the Herald Skimbo said

Personally I don’t know where these guys (who assaulted me) stay, but there are friends that said they can assist. I know some of them from before, but I don’t know their names. If we manage to locate their places of residence then we give the details to the police.

Skimbo reported the matter at St Mary’s Police Station under case number RRB 2824388.

Lady Squanda’s manager Trust Nyatsanga who is known as DJ Sparks said the Zimdancehall artist was in Botswana and she will be back in October.

Nyatsanga said,

She is waiting for some deals there and some of her personal stuff. She will be back in October.

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