News:Analysts criticize Dzamara for grandstanding

<vote /> Analysts have urged police to summon Itai Dzamara's family over a picture his brother Patson claimed to be that of Itai in detention. The analysts argue that the family's failure to alert the police raised serious concerns over the authenticity of the picture.

Political analyst Goodwine Mureriwa commented that

"If it happens that the pictures are not genuine, it's a serious threat to national security. Social media has been central to the Arab spring that started in Tunisia then Egypt before spreading to other countries in the Middle East. The reason why police should should get to the bottom of the matter is the hype this issue has created and obsessions opposition parties have with the matter."

He also added that,

"The evidence might be cooked and if it is not true, the involved people should be taken to task. One strategy of regime change is attempts to create disgruntlement in people, but this, like past strategies, will fail if not done genuinely"

Lawyer Jonathan Samukange said that,

"As much as I do not like the disappearance of other people, I, together with some lawyers, have already dismissed the picture as fake. He (Patson) should be ignored because he has proved to be a publicity seeker."

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Charity Charamba said that police were doing all they can to ascertain Dzamara's whereabouts. Itai's brother Patson said that the family was convinced that the person in the blurred picture was Itai based on the person's physical features.

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