News:Army Commander Speaks On the Use Of Social Media To Mobilise People. Says Army Is Already Countering The Threat

<vote /> In an interview with The Herald ahead of the 36th Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day commemorations on Tuesday, Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda yesterday said the army was ready to deal with people who are using electronic gadgets to mobilise people to speak out.

Sibanda said that the army was already dealing with this threat,

We are already dealing with these threats. As an army, at our institutions of training, we are training our officers to be able to deal with this new threat we call cyber warfare where weapons, not necessarily guns but basically information and communication technology, are being used to mobilise people to do the wrong things. We will be equal to the task when the time comes. The most important function, as outlined in the Constitution is to protect Zimbabwe, its people, national security, territorial integrity and to uphold the Constitution.

On threats posed by Mozambique’s rebel movement, Renamo, Sibanda said there was no army deployment into the neighbouring country, except border control operations,

We are not undertaking any specific operations against Renamo but we continue with border control operations and in the process monitor what is happening on our borders with Mozambique and those countries neighbouring us.

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