News:Arts Movement Plans To Stage Plays In Rural Areas To Spread Message Of Liberation From Mugabe

<vote /> Yadzoka Zimbabwe arts movement fronted by theatre practitioner Silvanos Mudzvova, has called for the resignation of President Robert Mugabe and will embark on a campaign to that effect using arts in rural areas.

Mudzvova said,

Dramas will be staged and managed by the villagers themselves in order to highlight the challenges they are facing and the main themes were centred on political violence, lack of health facilities, and hunger amongst other pertinent issues. Soon after the vigils, the movement will start spreading their messages of liberation through a form of art called graffiti.

He also said this was an effective way of spreading the word of liberty around to the people,

I personally believe letting communities highlight their problems in dramas and music will be uplifting their resolve to have a new government that cares about their problems. Graffiti stays in people’s minds and constantly reminds them of what needs to be done in order for them to be successful in life.

Earlier this year, Mudzvova staged a one-man play interrogating Mugabe’s statement that about $15 billion raised from diamond sales was missing.

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