News:Audit report exposes how Supa Mandiwanzira broke the rules

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The Auditor General’s department, in its new report on government ministries, has revealed how ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira broke the rules and got a $194,000 loan from a parastatal under his Ministry for the purchase of a vehicle.

The report also revealed how the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) loaned $10 million to Mandiwanzira's ministry for the ministry's acquisition of a controlling interest in Telecel Zimbabwe. The loan was extended with no Treasury approval.

Mandiwanzira's Ministry also borrowed an additional $58 888 from POTRAZ and state owned mobile operator NetOne. The report says that,

"The ministry did not provide documentary evidence to show that they were given treasury authority to borrow from state owned enterprises. Since the amount of $58 888 relates to appropriation expenses by the ministry, the expenditure should be accounted for in the 2015 financial year. In addition, the ministry did not provide documentary evidence on how it intends to account for the $10 289 564 for the purchase of shareholding in Telecel Zimbabwe and the purchase of the Minister and Deputy Minister’s vehicles"

In April, NSSA announced it had put up $30 million to buy the Telecel stake. Until the Auditor General’s report, it had been unclear how government had raised the other $10 million. For a list of corruption scandals in Zimbabwe click here.

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