News:Bishop Argues ZimAsset Is Biblical. Says Things Will Get Better With Introduction Of Bond Notes

<vote /> In an interview with Sunday Mail journalist, Bishop Margaret Takaedza Gwaze of New Revelation Glass House Ministries International in Chitungwiza said that ZimAsset is biblical.

When she was asked How do you make women understand this doing the word?, she responded,

I preach what I do most of the time. Now I am a chrome miner, which used to be a male dominated area, and some women in the church have followed suit, with some branching into gold mining and farming. As you know, the anointing flows from the top. And Jesus said we shall do greater works, if we believe in Him. Before hearing this word, I used to think that this was for men, but I share the things that I do, and I do not hide information. Those who want to act, go for it. Thus, I am empowering women. I am talking about the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation in church. Many people have put blinkers on Zim-Asset thinking that it is political, but it’s not politics. Zim-Asset is me! It is going to benefit me, the church and the work of God. Let me also add that Zim-Asset is biblical because God says He will bless the works of my hands. (Deuteronomy 28:12) Zim-Asset is encouraging people to work with their own hands, thereby empowering them, their families, churches communities and the country at large. When I am empowering my country from the pulpit, is that politics?

Gwaze also gave a prophetic word concerning bond notes and said,

Finally, there is a prophetic word for our nation Zimbabwe regarding bond notes. God spoke to me about bond notes, and said people should not fear or be anxious about them. Initially, it will seem as though there is some confusion, but this will be for a short while. Things will get better in Zimbabwe with the introduction of bond notes. So, we are just relying on what God said about bond notes. We need to hope and have faith. Hope is expecting good things from God, not bad things. Let us not be discouraged by people from other countries. All shall be well with Zimbabwe, for in such an environment, some people are starting businesses. So, it begins with you, having a positive mindset. God puts a way where there is no way. It’s all about His favour on us.

She will be hosting a women’s conference her church will host this week under the theme With God All Things are Possible. Speakers that have been invited include, Bishop Esther Kataya (Zaoga), Bishop Dr Mel Makore (Celebration International Church, UK), Mrs Junior Mavu (Cancer Association of Zimbabwe), Pastor Violet Kadzunge (Midnight Ministries), and herself.

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