News:Bishop Magaya, Church leaders write open letter to Mugabe. Threaten to petition Parliament to impeach him if demands are unmet

<vote /> Bishop Ancelimo Magaya and other church leaders have written an open letter to President Robert Mugabe asking him to repent for presiding over Gukurahundi. Apart from the demand on Gukurahundi they ask the President to admit before God that the situation in Zimbabwe requires a collective effort and to open up for national dialogue in light of the situation. The letter that is also signed by Reverend C. Zenda, Useni Sibanda, Kudakwashe Makuwe and Tedious Munemo also asks the President to stop terrorising citizens who are voicing their disgruntlement.

They also threaten to petition Parliament to impeach Mugabe if he fails to meet their demands by 28 September. Below is a copy of the letter:

Letter to Mugabe.jpg

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