News:Bond Notes Demo Turns Violent As Riot Police Attack Protesters Unprovoked

<vote /> The anti-bond notes march that took place today turned violent after riot police attacked peaceful protesters. The riot police attacked the marchers as they approached parliament where the Zimbabwe Coalition of Unemployed Graduates who had organised the #ThisGown march, intended to leave a petition.

Riot police started firing tear gas resulting in the marchers retreating before they retaliated by throwing stones which did not only result in the police to dispersing but also damaged vehicles that were parked in the street. The police came back with a water canon which finally managed to disperse the crowd. A group of protesters reportedly went to the police post in First Street where they damaged the windows and vehicles that were parked in the street. No arrests were reported.

Earlier on police had tried to disperse the marchers who met at corner Julius Nyerere and Jason Moyo despite the High Court ruling that permitted Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign to hold an anti-bond notes march. (read more on the ruling here) They eventually left after an angry group of marchers approached them.

The graduates and the anti-bond notes marchers combined and marched on first stopping at corner Robert Mugabe and First Street where Promise Mkwananzi gave a solidarity speech.

The marchers proceeded to Samora Machel and Fourth Street where traffic stood at a stand still before approaching the Ministry of Finance where a petition was delivered to Patrick Chinamasa. After Patson Dzamara announced that the petition had been delivered the marchers then resolved to march to parliament building where police had barricaded Nelson Mandela Avenue and Sam Nujoma Street where they started attacking the protesters who had in no way provoked them.

You can view the view the video of marchers being dispersed by police below:

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