News:CAPS United Captain Comments On His Club's Financial Challenges. Urges Fans To Support Them

<vote /> CAPS United skipper Moses Muchenje says his club are not in a crisis and the challenges they are facing were not limited to them, but were being faced by the majority of the clubs in the country.

Muchenje said,

We are not in a crisis. Everything is going on well and it’s not only CAPS United who are going through financial difficulties, but a number of clubs, including Hwange, have not been paid for some time. We salute club director, Mr Jere, for his efforts in bankrolling the team. It’s maybe because we are doing well and that is why we are being put in the limelight. We understand the prevailing economic conditions in the country. We missed about six key players over the weekend, but we managed to collect a valuable point. Some teams if they just miss one or two players they struggle, but it’s a different thing at CAPS United and this shows that we are a great team with big character and a great coach.

He also urged fans to come and support the club in their numbers,

I urge our fans to rally behind us and the technical team. We have achieved a lot, so far, regarding our position on the log. True CAPS United fans will rally behind us and our coach and will not boo us and neither will they boo the coach. The section of fans who boo players, or who do not rally behind our coach, I really doubt their allegiance to CAPS United, maybe there are just a militant group who do not want us to succeed. Fans should be united, like our name CAPS United, for us to deliver, for us to be champions, for us to be Cup Kings, it starts with them and without them we are nothing. We are currently playing to get positive results in every match and see what happens at the end of the season. We can’t talk about the championship at this stage as we still have 33 points to play for.

Muchenje joined CAPS United in 2013 from Gunners and was given the role of captain last season and has scored two goals this season. CAPS United will this Sunday travel to Bulawayo where they will be hosted by Bulawayo City at Barbourfields Stadium.

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