News:Chamisa To Negotiate With War Veterans On Behalf Of MDC-T

<vote /> MDC-T vice-president, Nelson Chamisa, yesterday said his party was ready to reach out to war veterans following their recent fallout with President Robert Mugabe following the issuing of the July 21 communique, accusing him of dictatorship and monopolising the ruling party.

Chamisa said,

I thanked president Morgan Tsvangirai, when he appointed me one of the vice-presidents and I said to him, let me be in charge of the war veterans, so that we give them money and restore their dignity among other things. They fought and sacrificed all for this country’s independence, but now there has been no change. The late former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s oppressive regime still prevails in many aspects. We haven’t engaged them so far, but our hands are not limited. We will reach out to war veterans because they do not belong to any political party. They belong to all of us, we are ready to engage the liberators of this country, it’s a necessity. They are a repository of our history and our future.

He also said people should stop criticising Morgan Tsvangirai for appointing three vice-presidents, saying the strategy would work to strengthen the party.

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