News:Charamba chides Anti-Corruption Commission

<vote /> Information, Media and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary, George Charamba said that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission should first investigate cases and not act on insufficient information.

Charamba's comments follow a raid carried by ZACC officials last week on some parastatals and the Harare City Council. The anti-corruption officials yesterday visited Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporations to investigate the parastatal for alleged fraud and disregard of tender procedures. The constitutional body was specifically investigating the procurement of 35 operational vehicles this year.

It has emerged the officials acted on weak evidenced based on an anonymous letter yet the procurement was done following proper tender procedures. Mr George Charamba said that,

"The Anti-Corruption Commission can't behave as if there are no systems in government unless they are impugning the government system. It's very rare that a very good investigation and a good headline coincide. They can't behave like a rattle snake which makes a lot of noise before striking. I really wished they knew the kind of chaos they triggered in government with the stories they planted through the national press."

Charamba went on to give advice to the ZAAC on how to conduct investigations and said that,

"There s a way of approaching issues of concern professionally, establish prima facie case and then only approach media when investigations conclude, otherwise their motives become questionable. ZACC must be in the habit of making Ministries their first port of call."

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