News:Chimene Accuses Mnangagwa Of Causing Factionalism In Zanu-PF

<vote /> Manicaland Province resident Minister Mandi Chimene has accused Zanu-PF Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa of causing factionalism in Zanu-PF.

Speaking at a war veterans' meeting at Zanu-PF Headquarters in Harare, Chimene said that Lacoste Faction exists and that it was created by Mnangagwa while he was the leader of the Tsholotsho Declaration. She also stated that Mnangagwa was the leader of Lacoste.

Although Chimene acknowledged the existence of 'Team Lacoste' saying that she said had seen seen him wearing t-shirt printed with the Lacoste logo, she however denied the existence of the G40 Faction and denied being a part of it.

Mnangagwa is known as Ngwena/Garwe (Crocodile) and Chimene took a swipe at him and those that he leads when she said,

We belong to the party but we hear some belong to Garwe. Crocodiles should remain in the river. Outside, they will harm people.

These comments by Chimene come at a time when the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association authored a communique denouncing Robert Mugabe and withdrawing their support for him. The Chronicle of May 14, 2016 reported that Mugabe had said there were no factions in Zanu-PF. During the burial of his uncle Chief Gutu, Mugabe said,

There are no groups in Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF is one group and there are no factions that people talk about. Yes there were some issues but we’re a united party and we’ve people behind us.

However the recent speech by Chimene seems to contradict Mugabe's previous assertion.

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