News:Chinamasa Predicts MDC-T Will Lose 2018 Elections

<vote /> Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday predicted the MDC-T will lose the 2018 elections following the decision by its leader Morgan Tsvangirai to appoint Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri as his two new additional vice-presidents.

MDC-T Manicaland Senator Keresencia Chabuka, asked Chinamasa when the next elections would be held. He answered,

You started well when you asked about the economy, but you lost it when you started talking about politics because when we discuss economics, we don’t want to talk of things that divide us Zimbabweans. You know that elections will be in 2018 and I am surprised you want elections because with the way your party MDC-T is divided, you cannot be sure of winning. You now have three VPs, which is outside your constitution and it was done by one person without going to congress, and do not be surprised when one day you have MDC with four different hyphens, MDC-T, MDC-K, MDC-M and MDC-C.

Chinamasa also conceded that government was facing challenges in relation to mobilising financial resources to pay civil servants.

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