News:Chinotimba Says Rogue War Veteran's Won't Succeed

<vote /> Zanu PF member and legislator for Buhera South Constituency, Joseph Chinotimba commented on the communique that was released by members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association last week at a press conference.

Chinotimba said that they were not the first ones to do so,

"People like Matemadanda and Mahiya are not the first ones to do so. I wish to inform all war veterans that the meeting that was convened by Matematanda and others had no clear agenda. They were people who were just holding a meeting and appeared to be doing so just for the sake of it. There were no tangible agreements on this issue. There were no signatures in a communiqué they issued after the meeting and no specific provincial representatives that were part of it. By so doing, these people have expelled themselves from the war veterans association like what happened to Dongo.

Ngwenya dismissed Chinotimba's comments and said

Chinotimba has the right to say whatever he wants to say. What was said by the war veterans is a final decision. And it is pathetic for those war veterans who will say there were no signatures. They are vetted individuals and they are known that they are war veterans

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