News:Chiwenga Defends Mugabe's War Credentials. Says There Was No Need For Him To Have A War Time Name

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In an article published by NewsDay Joice Mujuru's spokesperson Gift Nyandoro discredited Mugabe's contribution to the Second Chimurenga.

Nyandoro said that,

Mujuru is just calling Mugabe to order. Mugabe is behaving like a super liberation war Rambo when we all know he joined towards the twilight years of the war. The fact that Mugabe does not have a war-time name, then used to disguise one’s identity, means his participation was minimal or at best was not a threat to his family back home.

Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Guveya said that there was no need for Mugabe to have a war time name since he was a well known leader such as Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara among others,

The top leaders were elected by the people to lead the struggle and they made a supreme sacrifice to go out there to lead the combatants. There was no need for them to change their names because they were already known. It would be naïve for President Mugabe, for example, to change his name. Who didn’t know that this is President Mugabe or Vice President Joshua Nkomo or Vice President Simon Muzenda or Ziyapapa Moyo, or even our commanders Josiah Magama Tongogara? They were known. Why fighters had to be given noms de guerre or to change their names was for two specific reasons: for the individual’s personal protection and for the protection of their families. They had to be protected. Can you imagine if I had used my real name, Constantino, and then I get captured and killed, then they would take me to the village, my home, and make a lot of propaganda? That would derail the struggle. Who would then want their sons and daughters to go to war when they see bodies being paraded in their villages?

He goes on to say that those who talk about war time names have no idea of how a liberation war is fought,

So all those who talk about noms de guerre have no idea of how a guerrilla war is waged. They have no idea on how an armed struggle is waged.

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