News:Chiyangwa Speaks On Mawarire's Call For A Demo During Highlanders vs Dynamos Match. Threatens Legal Action

<vote /> In an interview with a local radio station Zimbabwe Football Association president Philip Chiyangwa said people like Evan Mawarire had no place in football and should never try to solicit fans into politicizing football matches.

Chiyangwa said

Football and politics do not mix and I want to warn Mawarire and his cabal to stay away from football. I came to Bulawayo to see for myself if football had succumbed to these malcontents, but I am happy that people ignored these nonsensical calls.

Just over a month ago, the ThisFlag Movement took one of its protests to a cricket match where Zimbabwe was playing visiting New Zealand at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo.

The campaign was partially successful although police moved in to silence the crowd.

The football governing body FIFA, in Article 17 of its statutes, forbids political interference in footballing matters or the local football governing body will face suspension or expulsion.

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