News:Church Leaders Release Press Statement On National Crisis. List Issues They Want Government To Address

<vote /> Church leaders which include the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference, among other influential organisations, have released a press statement on the national crisis in Zimbabwe. In the statement church leaders raise their concerns over the police and Government's disregard of the Constitution through selective application of the law, failure to deal with corruption decisively and the exclusion of citizens in determining their destiny. They also appealed to government to hear the cries of the ordinary citizen and they also condemned police brutality.

In the statement the church leaders also list issues they want government to address, namely;

  • High unemployment rate
  • Need to account for the $15 billion diamond revenue that is reported missing by President Robert Mugabe
  • Moves to impose Bond Notes despite clear resistance from the economic sector and citizens among other issues. You can read the statement below:

Church Press Statement 1.jpg

Church Press Statement 2.jpg

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