News:Don't expect any load shedding this winter, ZESA

<vote /> Reading by candle light ZESA Zimbabwe's government owned electricity company has said that the country should not expect any power cuts the winter of 2016. The winter has already set in with temperatures dropping around the country. ZESA has however said that unlike the situation of previous years, no load shedding will happen this year.

Said Fullard Gwasira the company's spokesperson:

Our projections indicate that there will be no load-shedding for all customer categories during this winter. We are also getting imports from Mozambique and Eskom [South Africa] to augment local supplies.

In addition, we expect additional 40 megawatts (MW) of power from Harare Thermal Power Station and the 200MW from Dema. We have engaged farmer bodies and if their demand is the same as last year, indications are that we will be able to meet them. Eskom is giving us between 50-300MW.

The Dema Emergency Power Plant is expected to start supplying about 100MW of power into the main national grid in June, and later another 100MW in July.

Read full story on NewsDay and on The Herald Here.

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