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Patson Dzamara brother to missing activist Itai Dzamara was arrested yesterday by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police over what is believed to be a staged robbery incident. Occupy Africa Unity Square spokesperson, Linda Masarira confirmed this development in a statement on social media.

According to Linda,

"At exactly 23:30hrs 3 ZRP officers tried to disperse us and we told them they had no constitutional right to disperse us. After 20 minutes of heated argument with the police officers they walked away. At exactly midnight two women showed up walking towards us from the corner Third and Jason Moyo avenue. As they approached us I noticed that they were wearing the same black and white striped hats, carrying tshangani bags. They passed us and stopped 10 m away and inquired where 4th street was purporting to have disembarked a combi (commuter omnibus) from Murehwa. I told them to go where they were going as we were aware of their intentions."

Linda goes on to say that the women,

" got to the fountain in the center of the park instead of going the direction we had told them they crossed with two other guys, I alerted the guys that something sinister was happening, Tatenda Mombeyarara noticed that there were men standing behind the toilets. The two women came back running screaming mbavha mbavha (thieves thieves). We just watched them as they ran past us. Instead of going straight to Jason Moyo they cut across the park into the dark and we saw the three policemen jumping from the hedge. The women accused Patson Dzamara and Makomborero Haruzivishe as the men who followed them and took their filthy, torn tshangani bags. As they were running, one of the two women dropped her bag where we were seated and the other one dropped it in the park."

Dzamara and Haruzivishe were then taken to Harare Central Police Station on foot after they refused to board a police vehicle. Linda believes that the incident was stage managed as she said that,

"This whole drama was stage managed and is a mockery to our intelligence. The dirty, torn and smelly bags made out of sack are still in the square. Why did the police leave the evidence?"

Linda narrates that, two police officers came after 10 minutes pretending not to know what transpired claiming they had received a call from Harare Central Police Station. The two police officers also left the bags even after the protesters narrated the whole incidence.

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