News:EU Suggests Reimposing Sanctions On Zimbabwe. Calls For The Unconditional Release Of Political Prisoners

<vote /> The European Union has released a Joint Motion For A Resolution on Zimbabwe in Brussels today and has called for the reimposing of sanctions on the country.

In the resolution the organisation believes that the lifting of some restrictive measures was premature following the recent demonstrations which have been characterised by acts of police brutality and arrests. In the statement they say,

The European Union Believes that the lifting of the bulk of restrictive measures was premature and that the Council and Commission should consider reimposing certain measures, while making clear that these will be removed and that a package of assistance will be made available once Zimbabwe is clearly on the path towards democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and specifying, in particular, that assistance will be provided to support a free and fair electoral process and police reform;

They also called for the release of Linda Masarira and other political prisoners unconditionally,

Calls on the Zimbabwean authorities to release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally;

Last month Information Minister Christopher Mushohwe rebuked US, Canadian and Australian envoys for issuing statements on the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe. He said,

Today, they cannot remind us of provisions of the same law they opposed only yesterday or stand as watchdogs over its daily observance here. In any case, before both ambassadors issue out their condescendingly sick statements on local politics, and on the upholding of human rights here, let them pause a while to examine their home environments where rights of men and women of colour, and rights of indigenous populations, are daily wantonly trampled upon by their own governments, with absolutely no recourse to countless victims.

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