News:Evan Mawarire Calls For Protest During Saturday's Cricket Match

<vote /> This Flag Movement coordinator Pastor Evan Mawarire has called on Zimbabweans to stage a peaceful demonstration during Saturday's cricket test match between The Zimbabwe Chevrons and New Zealand in Bulawayo. Mawarire calls on Zimbabweans to emulate Henry Olonga and Andy Flower, wore a black armband at 2003 World Cup to protest against "death of democracy" in Zimbabwe in the match against Namibia at Harare Sports Club.

Mawarire says that every Zimbabwean should take their national flag with them and then stand up in the 36th over as a symbol that after 36 years of being silenced the people are finally standing up and asking government to be accountable. He also calls on the citizens to sing the national anthem in the process.

You can watch the video below:

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