News:Former CAPS United captain cleared of attempted murder charges

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Former CAPS United captain Method Mwanjali was yesterday cleared of all charges against him by Magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa after, Tonderai nhunzvi, the man he allegedly stabbed, opted for an out of court settlement.

In his withdrawal affidavit, the plaintiff, Tonderai Nhunzvi said that,

"Accused and I have since reached an understanding and he has agreed to pay my medical bills.I have forgiven him and no longer wish to have him prosecuted. I have since recovered from the attack and I am back at work."

The plaintiff also highlighted that he had withdrawn the charges out of his own freewill,

"I reached that decision on my own free will and was never induced in any way to withdraw the charges."

However the assault charges against Mwanjali still stand as he allegedly assaulted Nhunzvi's friend Lionell Machena who tried to stop him from attacking Nhunzvi.

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