<vote /> Former Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze says the need to recover over US$85 000 he is owed pushed him into fronting a bid to stop the association’s dissolution as well as the proposed formation of the National Football Association of Zimbabwe.

In an application to the High Court Mashingaidze wrote that,

"I am personally owed the sum of US$85 338,81 in arrear salaries as at end of April 2016, when I ceased to be an employee of Zifa. I also aver that on top of the non-compliance with the constitution the decision by the respondents to dissolve Zifa and form Nafaz was done in bad faith and is against the tenants of natural justice, public policy and labour laws. The dissolution of Zifa was designed to evade obligations to creditors and employees especially considering that the new association Nafaz excluded itself from any of Zifa’s liabilities and did not take over the Zifa employees, most of which are the applicants.”

However Mashingaidze’s argument has done little to extinguish speculation that he is trying to take advantage of the confusion at the national association to get back into mainstream football administration barely two months after leaving Zifa.

In an interview with a local publication Mashingaidze did not rule out a possible return but said he would only consider one in an environment where he was appreciated.

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