News:Former Minister Writes Open Letter To Mugabe. Urges Him To Listen To Citizens

<vote /> Former Minister for Industry and International Trade, Nkosana Moyo has written an open letter to President Robert Mugabe urging him to take the views of the people into consideration as doing so would be in his best interest.

In the letter Moyo encourages Mugabe to treat citizens equally regardless of their political affiliation. He gives an example of how police have treated This Flag Movement and Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign activists in relation to the Zanu-PF youth who demonstrated against Evan Mawarire on Wednesday. He writes that such preferential treatment is dangerous for the country. Part of the letter reads,

Leaving aside that I am not sure what demonstrating against Pastor Mawarire means given no one can dispute the fact that the Zimbabwean economy is in meltdown, I would observe that the contrast between how Pastor Mawarire and the Zanu youth demonstrators have been treated is a very clear illustration of my observation about two classes of citizenship. In itself, it is good that Zanu youth can demonstrate when they have a cause to demonstrate about. What is clearly wrong and I dare say quite dangerous for the country’s well being is that the rights accorded Zanu youths are not accorded other Zimbabwean citizens.

He goes on to mention that Mugabe should listen to the citizens rather than criticise them like he did to Evan Mawarire during the burial of Charles Utete on Tuesday,(read story here). Moyo writes that it is in the best interest for Mugabe to listen,

Mr President, unless I am missing something in this situation, I believe that it would be good for the country if you, as head of our government, engaged with the situation that citizens are trying to bring to your attention. Citizens are crying for help. They are not fighting you. They are asking for accountability and competency in the management of the affairs of their country as I believe is their right and obligation.

He concludes that he hopes for the day Zimbabwe will return to its former glory where it was the bread basket of Southern Africa.

Read More: Mail & Guardian

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