News:Frank Buyanga Writes Letter Of Appeal To Mugabe. Reminds Him Of Bona's Wedding Gift, His Family's Contribution To The Struggle

<vote /> Frank Buyanga, has written to President Robert Mugabe requesting him to push officials to act on his appeal for intervention in a property deal that has gone sour.

Confidential documents obtained by The Financial Gazette indicated that Buyanga has been fighting to get authorities’ support in the transaction, which resulted in him losing a mansion that was recently auctioned for US$535 000. His decision to approach President Mugabe came after he entered the transaction with a Harare couple, which ended in a wrangle over payment. The matter was subsequently referred for arbitration. Buyanga claims that the couple “alleged before the arbitrator” that they had paid him in full, yet he never received the money.

In the letter he writes,

The last time I fervently convened with you was at the 18th annual African Union conference in Addis Ababa, 2012, wherein I informed you that I had been placed on international warrant of arrest. But I did not fully communicate my issues with you as you were about to enter a session. I have since returned to Zimbabwe and operating several businesses thanks to polices advocated under your administration. I have not only served the First Family but been an advocate for human development and employment creation in Zimbabwe. As a result of my affiliation with ZAOGA, I was invited and attended your daughter’s wedding and rendered a cash gift more significant than any of the amounts read out for Cabinet Ministers. My father’s family was a victim of the liberation struggle. His family was tortured by the Rhodesian Special Forces when he left the country en route to Russia during the liberation struggle. He was officially in exile from Ian Smith government for several years, hence one of the reasons I was born in the United Kingdom.

Buyanga said his decision to write to authorities had been caused by his disappointment with police during the case of the failed property transaction.

Read More: The Financial Gazette

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