News:Government Responds To News Reports That Police And Army Are Joining Demonstrations Over Pay

<vote /> Information, Media and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary and Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba wrote to ANN7 after the television station broadcast a story published by CAJ News quoting unnamed security personnel claiming that they were joining the protests because they had not been paid.

In the letter Charamba writes,

Editor, the Zimbabwe Government takes very great exception to claims on your screen suggesting the involvement of the country’s security forces in opposition demonstrations. You very well know – or should know – the rules around handling news, including picking up suggestive reports from dubious sources. What is ‘a flight air commando’? Have you checked the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have not been paid? What is ‘umpteenth’ time? Is it beyond your channel to raise the Zimbabwean Government for a check before you publish such sensational claims? Or are you protecting your sinister efforts towards an endgame you dream and desire? Simply, it won’t happen. What is sure to happen is a rejection of this type of sinister ‘journalism’. I am sure you can do better next time. In the meantime, the Zimbabwean Government urges you to do the honourable thing, namely to drop that falsehood forthwith. Not as a favour, but as a requirement of rules of your craft.

Read More: The Herald, The Chronicle

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