News:Government Threatens To Withdraw Monthly Allowances For War Veterans' Leaders After They Refuse To Recognise New Executive

<vote /> President Robert Mugabe’s government has threatened to withdraw monthly allowances and other benefits for Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) leaders who are refusing to recognise the government-appointed new executive. Christopher Mutsvangwa and his executive have refused to recognise the government-appointed executive led by Robert Ncube.

War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube told the NewsDay yesterday that members of the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led executive risked losing their benefits if they remained defiant,

If they are saying they are an independent association, then we will stop dealing with them on welfare issues. How can you deal with them when their foundation is shaking and they have no alignment to any political ideology? In this case, the association was founded by Zanu-PF and its interests are to serve the Zanu PF party. While as government we attend to the needs of all war veterans, this association has its tentacles inclined to Zanu PF. You can’t separate the two, so when the leadership of such an association no longer represents the interests of the principal, it is no longer autonomous. When the association says it is autonomous in its operations, we will be talking about its day-to-day affairs, not on fundamentals such as who leads it. That is a baby of Zanu PF and government because they are there as a welfare institution guided by the ethos of the party (Zanu PF). My ministry has everything to do with that organisation. If we don’t, we will not take care of their welfare as well.

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