<vote /> The Zimbabwean government is working on a number of measures to end the current cash crisis. These measures include withdrawal limits and the increased use of credit cards. These measures are expected to fast track the Zim Asset economic blueprint. ZANU-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said the Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa had given a report on methods employed by government to tackle the current cash shortages.

Khaya Moyo said that,

"The secretary of legal affairs, Patrick Chinamasa, in his capacity as Minister of Finance and Economic Development updated Politburo on the implemantation of Zim-Asset with emphasis on measures to address the cash crisis. These include the use of plastic money, charges and fees on the pint of sale machines, Real Time Gross Settlement and mobile banking platforms, cash withdrawal limits, export bonus scheme and enhanced interbank market foreign exchange management. He made a very clear detail on this but I'm sure you will be hearing more from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on these matters. He has already addressed them but certainly the situation will be under control."

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