News:Government to release July pay dates next week

<vote /> Yesterday Government met with civil servants' representatives and assured them that they will give them actual pay dates for July next week.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Apex Council team leader Cecilia Alexander confirmed the development by saying,

"The issue of the July salaries was on top of the agenda and the agreement was that by next week, Government would provide us with the dates, and we will communicate that to our members."

Commenting on rumours that government was punishing those that took part in last weeks strike, Mrs Alexander said,

"Government also told us that it did not issue a statement, neither is it in a position to punish those who took part in last week's strike over June salary delays. It seems it was just the work of some overzealous individual who wanted to maximise on the situation. We agreed that unions compile lists of those who have been victimised and submit to government for redress."

She also said that there was need to bring forward the pay date for pensioners which is currently pegged at 19 July.

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