News:Govt Wants Envoys To Justify Their Stay In Foreign Countries

<vote /> Addressing Zimbabwe’s diplomats accredited to the Americas and Asia in Harare yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi said the envoys were Zimbabwe’s international face and as such they should do everything to represent the country with highest honour.

Although he did not pronounce the fate of those who failed to deliver, Minister Mumbengegwi brought up the case of a former ambassador who was recalled for failing to meet the required expectations,

We must justify our existence in foreign countries. Each mission must justify itself. Why are you there? Strive to look for economic opportunities. I want to repeat, strive to look for economic opportunities that yield bountiful economic dividends for our country. Nothing comes and just falls on your table. Look for economic opportunities first and foremost. The question should be, why am I in this foreign mission? What has come out of my sojourn here? How has my sojourn in these foreign missions assisted my country? If the answer to these questions is zero, you should start to get worried that it’s time I find something that justifies my stay especially at a time when our country is facing many challenges. We all need to do our best.

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