News:Highlanders CEO Blames Police For Failing To Deal With Violence Last Sunday

<vote /> Highlanders chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede yesterday accused police of failing his club and fans that watched the violence-marred encounter against Chicken Inn at Barbourfields Stadium last Sunday.

Violence broke out after referee Nkosikhona Moyo blew his whistle to end the match just as Chicken Inn were scoring a goal that would have given them maximum points.

Gumede said,

What are we paying the police for? They must forfeit the money we paid them so that we pay the disciplinary fees to the Premier Soccer League. The police failed us. They are trained to deal with crowd trouble, but when they come to Barbourfields they will be busy watching football leaning on the fence. At the Olympics, the police watch the crowd, but here it’s the other way round. Bottles and stones are brought into the stadium and it all shows that the police are not doing their job. They were overwhelmed and the next game they will double the numbers and demand more payment.

Gumede also feels education is important to curb crowd trouble,

Education is very important and I am not saying one has to pass O-or A-Levels to be a soccer fan. People need to be educated in a broader sense. It might take a longer route, but I feel it’s very effective. Fans must know that being in the stadium does not give them the jurisdiction to go onto the field of play, except for safety reasons. Attacking police officers is also not acceptable and whoever does that must be taken to Khami Prison. Damaging of property in whatever form is also unacceptable as one will be inconveniencing society.

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