News:Jonathan Moyo Argues ZimAsset Still Exits. Says Objectives Will Be Met Soon

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Responding to a Twitter user's question if ZimAsset still exists, Jonathan Moyo said that

Yes it exits & is alive & well with some game changing developments around it are at the tail-end of the pipeline!

The question by the Twitter user is likely emanating from the fact that ZimAsset has failed to deliver the two million jobs that were promised during the 2013 elections.

ZimAsset was launched in 2013 by Zanu-PF amid criticism that it was flawed and lacked a proper financial foundation.

In June 2015 in an interview with the government owned Chronicle newspaper Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa admitted that financing was important for sustainable development which is one of ZimAsset's objectives,

As you may all be aware, the Zim-Asset framework covers a number of issues across well defined clusters. We need reliable infrastructure and a strong production base in order to achieve sustainable development.

The mega deals that Zimbabwe has signed with China are meant to alleviate the financing issue though this is yet to be done as Zimbabwe has started engaging the West for funding.

To read more on the ZimAsset document click here

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