News:Journalists hand over petition against police brutality to police chiefs

<vote /> Misa Zimbabwe today led a delegation of journalists to meet and handover a petition on police harassment of journalists.

Earlier in the week Misa Zimbabwe had requested to meet Augustine Chihuri over the treatment journalists were getting at the hands of police officers during protests. Part of the letter that was sent to Chihuri read,

t is indeed the duty of journalists to cover and report issues and all events in the country, including demonstrations. While we do not seek to teach the police on how to do their job in maintaining law and order, we believe that that responsibility also includes ensuring the safety and security of journalists who will be dutifully executing their mandate.

Last month Chihuri defended the police and said that they were not brutal,

We will force you to respect peace and orderliness. People must not complain and say police are brutal. We are not brutal, we are there to ensure that peace prevails all the time. If you want to cause disorder, blame yourself.

Information Minister Christopher Mushohwe recently said that journalists should not be part of the demonstrating mob but should be on the side of the police. Responding to allegations of harassment against journalists by law enforcement agents during demonstrations he said,

Journalists should never be part of a demonstrating mob. You must always be on the side of the law enforcement agents.

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