News:Kasukuwere Accuses Masvingo City Council For Blocking Allocation Of Stands To Youths. Mayor Responds

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Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has attacked the MDC-T dominated Masvingo City Council for trying to block the allocation of housing stands to thousands of youths in the city.

Minister Kasukuwere said Zanu-PF was the only party that delivered and accused Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze of MDC-T of trying to stop the allocation of stands to youth in Masvingo,

I am surprised that Fidze attacks such a policy where we want to offer young people cheap and affordable housing. He should know that Zanu-PF is the only party that delivers. Zanu-PF is known for delivering to the people. We will not be stopped from giving our people without shelter land because all land is State land and we have already started the process of pegging stands that will soon be allocated to youths in Masvingo by the Zanu-PF Government. The ground-breaking ceremony will be held soon.

He said that his ministry is proceeding with plans to give stands to youth in Masvingo regardless of Masvingo City Council's stance on the issue,

The Masvingo provincial housing planning officer is busy on the ground pegging stands at Clipsham Farm and soon we will be conducting the ground-breaking ceremony. There is no going back on the allocation of housing stands to Zimbabweans. This is what Zanu-PF has always done.

However, Masvingo Mayor Councillor Fidze dismissed allegations that his council was frustrating plans by Government to offer youths in Masvingo the stands,

The truth of the matter is that as Masvingo City Council, we have run out of land for housing and we have already applied to Government for additional land and the response is still pending. As council, we are not against the Government programme to give youths land for housing. I was misquoted by some sections of the media.

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