News:Kasukuwere Denies Mentoring Lumumba & Tsenengamu

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<vote /> Zanu-PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday denied mentoring former party youths Acie Lumumba and Godfrey Tsenengamu, who have attacked President Robert Mugabe and the First Family.

Asked about the person who influenced him and played a pivotal role in his political life early this year, Lumumba said:

Saviour Kasukuwere. If I had to say only one person. I have been very lucky to have many people in my life who have believed in me and kept me going but this man was the total game changer for me.

Lumumba is currently facing charges of undermining President Mugabe after he used the f word on Mugabe while launching his political party, Viva Zimbabwe. (read more of that story here).

Kasukuwere said at no point in his life had he mentored the duo,

I did not mentor anybody,” he responded. “When you say you mentor somebody otherwise you sit down and tell them. I did not sit down. We have been doing this commissariat work, mobilising people to come in their numbers. The membership of the party has grown over the years. Look at the last Million Men March, it was the biggest organisation of people by the party in a long time, bringing in thousands of people in support of the leadership of the party. Our duty is to mobilise members to the party, to train and build a cadreship that can be relied upon. But as we move forward, bad apples will always show themselves and will be dealt with and will have to leave the party. There will always come a time where you have to separate grain from chaff.

He said indiscipline and people pushing selfish interests had no place in Zanu-PF,

Those young people who would have come into the party, attracted by the party recruited by us or many other cadres in the party, once they stray from the revolutionary principles and direction they must be dealt with. This is what has happened to these young people, the Tsenengamus, Lumumbas, Tamuka Nyonis, Samambwas of this world. We removed all of them who had gone against the leadership of the party. Zanu-PF is not going to be held hostage by individuals. It is a people’s party and has a membership that runs into millions and it is that membership that sustains the party.

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