News:Kwekwe Nurse, Lover Charged With Murder In Insurance Scam Case

<vote /> The Kwekwe General Hospital nurse and her boyfriend who allegedly drugged and killed a patient whose identification particulars they used to claim $5 000 insurance cover from Old Mutual Life Assurance Company have been charged with murder. On Monday, the two appeared in court charged with fraud.

They were not asked to plead and remanded in custody to September 29, the same date they are set to appear to answer allegations of defrauding Old Mutual Life Assurance Company of $5 000.

The two allegedly stole Mazarire’s particulars and Mugwangi claimed that he was his cousin before opening a cash back funeral plan for him when in fact they were not related. Mazarire allegedly succumbed to the effects of yet to be identified tablets which he received from Chakabvapasi on September 3.

Mazarire died on September 6 and Chakabvapasi is alleged to have speedily facilitated the acquisition of a burial order, which she in turn handed over to Mugwangi, who claimed $5 000 from the insurance company.

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