News:Lady Squanda Apologises For Assaulting Abra Skimbo. Facebook Users Condemn Her Actions

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Zimdancehall artist lady Squanda has apologised to her fans for assaulting Abra Skimbo. Squanda wrote an apology on her Facebook page Lady Squanda Fire and apologised more than the man she assaulted. She doesn't mention the name of Abra Skimbo in her post nor does she mention which incident she is apologising for as she refers to it as a "scandalous incident." Facebook users however condemned her for her behaviour and said that she should be arrested. One user commented

You should be arrested for Abduction and Assault. You are an entertainer you are meant to let comedians be. You are not the first to be joked about and there have been even jokes about God and Jesus. Who are you?

Another user commented,

why don't you do another video apologising personally to the person you hurt Lol...

A Facebook user pointed out to her that she should apologise to Abra Skimbo first before apologising to her fans

You should be called LADY ABUSER. Humiliating another human being like that"SICK". You should be ashamed of yourself. Apologise to the young man you embarrassed and humiliated first before wasting words on your "FANS". If you still have any fans😂😂😂😂

Below is the apology Squanda wrote on her Facebook wall:

This is Lady Squanda. First, I am sorry that I have to greet you all for this sort of scandalous incident. And I am sincerely sorry that I have to cause this much drama to my fans. However, I only have myself to blame with all of my carelessness, causing this scandal after I have been carried away with emotions, which lead me to a bad decision with my fellows I am a human being apart that I am a public eye, To all my fans who continue in believing in me makes it clear to me that I have made a big mistake. I can't dare to say anything but apologize for this incident and showing you all disappointment, and in the future I will avoid these kinds of situations and I will sincerely reflect, as a after 8 member and work harder and harder to become a better person. Many fans have already gotten wounds and hurt hearts from what my actions have done, and I can only apologize for that. I hope my fans can once again believe in me and my efforts. Once again, I would like to say to my fans that I am sincerely sorry. AFTER 8 TO DI FULLEST

You can read the full story of what transpired and watch the video here.

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