<vote /> Douglas Mahiya is being charged with undermining the authority or insulting President Robert Mugabe. His bail hearing was postponed to today and the hearing will be at 11:15 am. He is being represented by Evan Mawarire's lawyer Harrison Nkomo. Nelson Mandela's lawyer George Bizos was at the hearing over the weekend.

  • 10:38 am- Mahiya arrives, this time he is not in handcuffs. Scores of people have come out in support of the war veteran.
  • 12:28 pm- Mahiya was granted $300 bail and advised to report twice to CID but prosecution has opposed bail. Magistrate Chikwekwe will make a ruling at 15:00 pm.
  • 15:15 pm- The Magistrate grants the $300 bail. Mahiya a free man. (read story here)

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