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Douglas Mahiya was arrested on Tuesday 26 July 2016 for his involvement in the communique that saw the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association withdrawing it's support for Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF. Mahiya was expected to appear before a Harare Megistrate at 8:30 am but the proceeding started in the afternoon. Mahiya is being represented by Harrison Nkomo who represent Evan Mawarire. He is being charged for allegedly undermining authority of or insulting President Mugabe.

  • 14:00 pm- Journalist barred from entering into court room.
  • 14:39 pm- Most of the war veterans that had come in support of Mahiya were denied entrance into Court 4 were the matter is being heard.
  • 14:43 pm- Court has been adjourned and proceedings will resume at 15:00hrs.
  • 15:13 pm- Mahiya's lawyer Harrison Nkomo orders the release of his client as there is no signed certificate of prosecution.

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