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Government owned Tabloid H-Metro has today published an article showing pictures taken from a sex tape made by Acie Lumumba himself. I the pictures is Lumumba and an unidentified woman engaging in sex.

Lumumba has not denied the authenticity of the tape. He said that the tape was retrieved from his house by Police who raided his house without a search warrant. He has said that the raid is the result of Zanu-PF getting back to him for quitting the party 2 weeks ago. Here's part of Lumumba's explanation posted on his Facebook page:

My fellow Zimbabweans. A few days ago I was detained by the Police and my house was illegally searched without a warrant. Among confiscated items were personal and company files and electronic equipment. Today it was announced by H-Metro that video recordings of private nature will soon be released to the public. The recordings are of me having sex. I am sure that curiosity and prurient interest will cause some people to watch these recordings. This cannot be helped. But, more importantly I need to say this. When I left ZANU PF and spoke out, I knew that the less intelligent members of the party will come after me trying to silence me. I was ready. But my family and others whose lives will be affected by the release made no such choice. I am truly sorry that your private lives will now be disclosed. Besides the above I have nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for. Single young men and single young women naturally have sex. That is what we do. It is God's way. Those who think that a disclosure of my naked body will distract the people of Zimbabwe from their every day troubles are due for a rude awakening. No amount of mud slinging can cover up decades of inept management. Today people will discuss my sex life but tomorrow they will again discuss the fact that they have no money, no electricity, no food and no hope. Indeed they don't have a government that can manage a country. They will discuss that the government has done nothing to alleviate the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. Because the government is too busy hunting down anyone who dares to stand up and tell the truth. Lastly I have this to say. If you think that the disclosure of these recordings will silence me -- guess again. It will make my audience wider and me more fierce. Indeed I can be silenced. I will not rise from the dead if you kill me, but short of murder you will not make me stop. Bring on the recordings.

Lastly, thank u for all your support. God bless u

You can read Acie Lumumba's full profile here

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