News:Magistrate to make ruling on Mutsvangwa's rape case today

<vote /> Regional magistrate Hosiah Mujaya will today make a ruling on the application for discharge filed by the lawyer representing war veterans’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa’s son, Neville, who is facing rape charges.

The lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, made the application after he completed cross-examining the complainant. The court yesterday went to Mutsvangwa offices for an inspection in loco. When the complainant was being cross-examined by Nkomo, she indicated that she did not report a rape charge against Mutsvangwa, but only laid aggravating indecent assault charges.It is alleged that on August 8 this year around 1800 hours the complainant met Neville and they played Casino until 4am.

The complainant was offered a lift to town and Neville diverted the route and drove to his father’s office. He allegedly forced her to suck his manhood. Neville allegedly raped the woman and after noticing that she was on her menstrual periods, forced her to suck the blood stained condom. He ejaculated in her mouth, it is alleged. He offered her $20 and she refused and reported the matter to the police.

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