News:Makandiwa speaks on Mugabe's likely successor

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United Family International Church leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa,reportedly declared President Robert Mugabe will be replaced by a Zimbabwean presently based in the Diaspora.

In a Sunday sermon streamed live on YouTube, Makandiwa told his congregants that,

“This person is running in the opposite direction to people, who are running towards him, I see a spider and this spider is following this person, who is the chosen one to lead the people."

He went on to say that if that person were to join a reputable opposition when he returns to Zimbabwe, he would be the leader to take over from Mugabe.

However Ufic spokesperson, Prime Kufa, said Makandiwa’s message “was complex” to the extent that people were now speculating on its meaning, including linking it to the country’s succession. He also went on to say that Makandiwa was the only one who could interpret “the prophecy”, with those close to the Makandiwa saying that even he could not even explain it and has warned against making uninformed political interpretations on prophecies.

In the sermon, Makandiwa, also warned government against interfering with the work of the church. He also predicted more political turmoil and urged his congregants to pray for the country.(Read story here).

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